Three Ways to Sell Jewelry for Cash

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Three Ways to Sell Jewelry for Cash

Did you know it’s simple to sell jewelry to make some extra cash?  Most of us have some older necklaces, earrings or bracelets that we’re just tired of wearing.  They may be out of style, broken or we just don’t like them anymore.

You may have avoided getting rid of them because you think, “It’s good jewelry, and I hate to get rid of something that was so expensive.  The good news is that your old jewelry, even if it’s tarnished, broken or out of style, can still be worth a lot of money.  You can turn that jewelry into money in your pocket with just a little bit of effort.  There are three simple ways to sell jewelry and get a good return on it.  You can sell vintage jewelry online or through an auction house, you can have a yard sale, or you can sell the gold and any diamonds to a scrap gold buyer.

Try to Sell Vintage Jewelry to Collectors

The first way to sell your gold, by listing it on a site such as E-bay or through an estate dealer, is a good idea if you have some truly valuable vintage pieces from the 1920’s or earlier.  These pieces are valued by collectors and can bring top dollar, but only if in excellent condition with all fasteners working, etc.

The down side to selling your jewelry this way is that it only works with very specific pieces and does cost you some money.  You’ll need to open an E-bay account, pay to list the items and monitor the auctions yourself, which can be time consuming.  If you opt for an estate sales specialist, they will do the work for you, but take a hefty commission on any sales.  Alternatively, they may purchase your jewelry outright at a fraction of their actual value.  And of course, they may pick and choose only a few pieces, leaving you with the rest of your jewelry to sell on your own.

If you love yard sales, you can also try putting out some of your gold, silver or platinum jewelry during your next sale.  Of course, this is hit or miss.  Unless the right buyer shows up, you won’t make much.  You can get lucky, of course, and find someone who loves the styles you no longer want to wear.  But be cautious with this approach.  If you don’t know the buyer, ask for cash or, if they have a personal check, confirm their I.D. and get a phone number and driver’s license number.
Sell Jewelry to Scrap Gold Buyers

The simplest and easiest way to sell jewelry is to a gold buyer.  There are dozens of companies that now by gold jewelry so that it can be melted down and reused in coins, bullion or new jewelry.  The advantage to this is getting a price relatively close to the going price per troy ounce on today’s market, and you have very little legwork to do.

A reputable gold buyer will send you an envelope along with clear, detailed instruction on how to send in your jewelry.  They will pay the postage in order to receive your jewelry, then call you once they’ve received it.  You’ll be quoted a price, and all you have to do is decide if you want to accept the payment or not!

If you want top dollar for your gold, compare prices at a few different online sites for gold buyers to determine which one is giving the best price.  If you want to sell jewelry that has precious stones, look for a buyer that will also give you an estimate on the value of stones such as diamonds.  You can make a considerable amount if you have necklaces and earrings that are gold with gemstones.

And be sure not to forget about other types of gold, such as coins and old gold fillings! You can send these in as well for a bit more cash.  Since most buyers are also interested in platinum and sterling silver, a gold buying company is often the best route to sell your old jewelry.  They will purchase all of it, regardless of the style and condition.  You can send in broken bracelets, stuffy old gold necklaces and even diamond rings you no longer wear and give you money for both the stones and the gold.  Just think, you can easily make some impressive extra money when you sell jewelry that’s just taking up space in your drawer!

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