Sterling Silver Chain Designs

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Sterling Silver Chain Designs

SS9522XXXXM.jpgSilver jewelry is among the most versatile forms of jewelry. You can choose necklaces, bracelets or silver chains to team with gemstones. Sterling silver jewelry can be used for intricate designs, which agree with formal and casual outfits. Due to its affordability and style, sterling jewelry has witnessed an upsurge of popularity.

Sterling silver consists of 925 parts of silver, 75 of copper. It is preferred because it weighs and costs half as much as gold, is flexible and malleable providing greater scope for designs.

The current fashion trends, including darker colors and minimalistic designs have made sterling silver jewelry more popular than ever. From simple link-in-link designs, flattened designs, Figaro, anchor, rolos, chainmaille, omega, etc are the most popular designs. The round and flat are the two general types of design. Most designs are variations of the cable and can range from simple to complicated designs. The herringbone, lies on your neck just as a perfectly placed ribbon and is a popular choice for sterling silver chains. They are available in a variety of lengths and widths, to go with your body structure. Once you have chosen the design for your silver chain, you can choose different widths so that you can attach attractive pendants to it for great designer jewelry.

Most of the sterling silver chains available today come from Italy, Australia, China, Peru and Mexico. Rhode Island in the US is well-known for quality silver chains. You will find a number of appealing designs, which can be tailored to match your outfits. Modern day production techniques and innovative designs have made available a greater variety of silver chains, which are not just stylish but very affordable too. Using silver chains as bracelets has remained a popular fashion trend too.

Fads come and go, but, sterling silver chains have remained popular ever since they were sold first. Wear one today – you’ll surely love it and want more!

Source by House Of Gems

Photo by Different Seasons Jewelry

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