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Pendants Jewellery – Gorgeous and Unique Designer Pendants


Many people like to wear designer accessories including jewelry. Designer pendants are lovely pieces of jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. A lot of popular designers from across the globe create wonderful necklaces in many categories including hip hop, fashion, glass and gemstone necklaces. Some jewelry designers make use of Swarovski crystals and different kinds of beads to decorate their items and to make them more attractive and lovely. Cultured and freshwater pearls are used to create one-of-a-kind jewelry articles which are extremely beautiful. Religious necklaces with popular religious sayings and praying hands come under this category.


Handcrafted necklaces are gaining widespread popularity nowadays because of their allure and splendor. Unique items can be found in this class in all price ranges. Some of the designer products are available in the affordable range. Expensive items can also be found made from precious metals and gemstones. It all depends on your preference, personal taste and budget to locate a necklace of your choice. Some lovely and unique necklaces are made from pewter and stainless steel which are inexpensive materials. These necklaces and lockets are quite affordable.


Some popular designers of gorgeous pendants include Barbara Bixby, Elizabeth Showers, Judith Ripka, Michael Dawkins, and Satya. All these collections can be easily found online. Lockets designed by Barbara Bixby are available in the price range of $88 to $172. She makes use of rare gemstones like topaz, carnelian, smoky quartz and turquoise along with freshwater pearls to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. These articles are made in Thailand and are truly magnificent. The best thing about these lockets is that they are not very expensive. Most of the items are available in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold. One such locket is listed for $88.5 made from sterling silver and smoky quartz stones.


Elizabeth Showers and Judith Ripka are popular for their unique gemstone pendants. A lovely mother-of-pearl locket set in sterling silver by Michael Dawkins is stunning and exceptional. It is also made in Thailand and comes with highly polished border. It can be bought for only $89.75. Satya is another popular designer in this category and Staya Etched Lotus Birthstone locket is pretty and elegant. Some outstanding and brilliant lockets and necklaces can be found by other designers such as SeidenGang and Sincerely Southwest. A beautiful enhancer by Sincerely Southwest with oxidized rope pattern surrounding a micro-inlay gemstone is available for $91. It can be found in three exciting gemstones: lapis, rhodonite, and turquoise.


Designer pendants are loved by thousands of people across the globe because of their individual designs and high quality materials. Many affordable as well as expensive and luxurious necklaces and lockets can be located in this category. Most of the lockets come with a chain made of sterling silver or some other material ranging in length from 16” to 24”. You can narrow down your search by specifying the designer, price range or length of the necklace you are looking for. Handcrafted glass necklaces are also quite popular and are produced by many renowned designers all over the world.


Source by Imran ali

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