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Locket Necklaces

Locket necklaces are special jewellery that is meant to keep or conceal mementos. Their greatest advantage is to can keep you in touch with your lost loved ones. They recall a romantic and sometimes religious sentimentalism. Locket necklaces make sentimental gifts for Valentines, birthdays, engagements and anniversaries.

Locket is a pendant or medallion that opens to bare two halves called wings and are customarily worn around the neck. Lockets may also be part of a key chain or bracelet. Lockets worn around the neck are called locket necklaces.

Locket necklaces, apart from its ornamental purposes, are special kinds of necklaces with pendants that are used to hide or keep something significant or mawkish like picture, lock of hair, poem, for example. It features small frames and glass or plastic panels behind which photographs are placed. Since it is a necklace, the mementos kept are always worn closer to the heart.

One best thing a locket necklace can offer is to keep us in contact with a lost loved one. Being reminded of losing a loved one is truly distressing but it makes us feel nearer to that person. Keeping a lost loved one’s photograph in a locket necklace and having the ability to see his or her face gives us great comfort. It serves as a light, continuous reminder of our loved ones, particularly people who are not with us anymore.

Lockets come in many shapes and designs. The most favored locket necklace is the silver locket. [**] gold lockets are gaining popularity. Platinum, onyx, garnet and leather locket necklaces are also available.

there are numerous sorts of locket necklaces. Picture lockets, antique lockets, keepsake lockets and jewellery lockets are the most typical types.

a.Picture lockets or image lockets

These are sometimes oval- or heart- formed pendants that may be opened to reveal a space used for storing a number of photographs. Most picture lockets can hold a photograph or two. There are lockets that can hold four, 6, even up to eight photographs. Picture lockets are generally enclosed on all sides and the photographs are secured by pieces of clear plastic.
b.Antique lockets

Antique lockets are much wanted investments as they’re typically valuable. During the Victorian age, spinner lockets are extremely popular. These have a bail, which attaches to the necklace chain that is attached but not fixed to the locket itself which is free to spin. Antique lockets are typically found in estate jewelry.

c.Keepsake lockets

These are lockets that are designed with a glass or plastic to guard an item, which could fall out and become lost if the locket was continually opened. They don’t open like picture lockets. A glass pane is put at the front so that what’s within can be seen with no need to open the locket. The common items put within a souvenir locket are locks of hair.

d.Jewelry lockets

These are those that are more highly finished with gemstones. They’re filigree style lockets with a small cushion in the centre to which a few drops of perfume should be added. Perfume lockets are seriously popular during the time when personal cleanliness was limited. Perfume was used to mask the odor of an individual or their companions.

Locket necklaces can be stubborn and opening it can be difficult. Putting pressure can destroy the locket or cause damage to it.

To thoroughly open a locket, place the fringe of the fingernail into the space between the two wings. Then open the latch by moving your nail back and forth. This will cause the wings to come apart. You can use a tiny flathead screwdriver to softly open it.

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