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Different Kind of Necklaces

There are so many more necklace designs in the market that it is more and more complicated to find a necklace with good quality and adapted to our personality.
There are different types of necklaces available in the market as cheap as expensive. Obviously, the most famous are necklaces made from different type of metal such as silver, gold, titanium… but there is also others metals called precious and semi-precious. When buying jewelry, there are many factors to be considered. A gold necklace speaks of elegance and is classy, if purchased with other factors in mind.
For women who like classical style, there are still pearls that will never go out of fashion. Diamond and gemstone pendants on coordinating gold or silver chains are also perpetually popular together with beads and crystals especially for upper middle class. But since few years, there are new trends of necklaces:
Firstly, necklaces and others jewelries which come from Hip Hip style have increased the last decade
Secondly, ethnical and handmade necklaces because these are like authentic and unique piece.
Even if there several kinds of necklaces, we can classify the most famous:
• Layered, dual, or three strand neck jewelry
• Chunky, oversized pieces

• Celebrity-inspired necklaces
• Delicate lariats or “Y’s”
• New choker styles
• Crystal beads
• Three station and drop necklaces
• Natural beads and organic carvings
• Scalloped and collar neck pieces
• Long ropes/chains
• Colored gold
• Enamel and ceramic
• Open and hammered links in chains
• Floating heart pendant necklaces

Concerning the length of the necklaces, it depends on women. Indeed, some of them prefer it length whereas others prefers short but the most popular length is worn loosely around the neck and falls slightly below the collar bone. Chokers lie tightly against the neck itself. Chains and pearls come in a great variety of lengths, allowing you to choose the look that you desire.
Regarding men, since last years, the offer is still increasing. Indeed, in 90s they worn gold or silver necklace whereas now they wear high steel, leather or ethnical necklaces. So jewelers have to diversify their offer.
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