Clover Necklaces: A Celebrity Must Have

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Clover Necklaces: A Celebrity Must Have

One of the hottest charm shapes you’ll see adorning the neck of your favorite pop star or movie star is the rounded clover.

Mariah Carey wore a layered clover necklace in stunning mother of pearl and sterling silver to a recent awards gala.  Reese Witherspoon gracefully wore a long gold strand necklace with clovers to an luncheon benefit.  And Paris Hilton, everyone’s favorite socialite, wore a long gold clover necklace while on vacation in Hawaii.  Even Heidi Klum is in on the action, creating her own collection of clover inspired jewelry.  So are clovers really lucky?  They just might be, but one thing’s for sure, they are definitely “in”.

The clover shape has been a hit in the jewelry world for the past few years, and it’s nice to know that it has staying power.  The clover necklace can be worn as a dainty pendant with a cut out shape in the middle.  It can be an actual clover that is dipped in gold or sterling silver.  But the most popular clover pendant is a rounded and symmetrical design with a colored center, usually in black or white enamel.
Long clover strand necklaces usually have the shape spaced out every few inches and can be worn with a scoop neck or rounded neckline.  This type of necklace looks great when paired with a long billowy dress or a casual tank top and jeans.

Symmetrical clover designed necklaces are beautiful when worn as a jewelry set.  Their understated glamour and rounded edges make them a well put together combination, as they are sure not to overwhelm petite frames. Matching clover earrings can either lie on the ear, dangle as a charm or be a hoop style design.

As you can see, the clover itself can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe and is fun, youthful, and some might say, quite lucky.

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